What would it be like to Experience Mexico, WITHOUT actually going and visiting? Close your eyes for a moment and Imagine what you would be Experiencing if you were in Mexico RIGHT NOW…………. Is there a beautiful, warm sun standing over a horizon of mountaintops? Are there vibrant blue skies looking over vast plains of agave farms? Can you smell the fresh, natural air gusting by in the wind? Do you see yourself seated, gazing over a mouth-watering, Authentic Homemade Mexican Meal, with a crisp and tasty drink in hand?   One Family envisioned over 20 Years ago that they were destined to travel with their Experiences and Recipes to the United States and create for Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio a true Authentic Mexican Experience.

          Now, open your eyes and you will find yourself in an atmosphere filled with energy, laughs and love. Built on genuine loyalty and service, the Leon family created El Meson.  El Meson defines the Leon families vision of what a true Authentic Mexican Experience is with Mother’s Handmade Fresh Salsa greeting your taste buds every visit and Fajitas that are cut, mixed, cooked and served to perfection. Join us in Celebrating an Experience you and yours can cherish and remember forever.

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